Working out right Medicare supplement plan

The Medicare supplement plans 2017 enrollment opened on 7th of December like every year, and along with that it provided the opportunity to those who wish to have a Medicare Supplement plan or wish to modify their Medicare Supplement plan in which they are already enrolled.

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There are many people who do not enroll themselves in any of the Medicare Supplement plans (due to god knows what reason) and keep themselves stuck with the Original Medicare and the prescription drug plan. Another important fact regarding the Medicare Supplement plan types is that most of beneficiaries of the Medicare choose to enroll in the Health Maintenance Organization like sixty-three percent of them and remaining thirty-three percent enroll in the preferred provider organization and the reason for this is that in HMO there is a fixed service providing network which is allocated to a member by the scheme provider and low out-of-pocket costs are charged unlike PPO.

If you are not sure that which plan you should choose then it is essential that you should first understand all plan types.

The Medicare Supplement plans are also called Part C plans, and in recent years, these plans have gained quite a lot of popularity among people who have Medicare in states. According to one of top Medicare supplement plan provider “Kaiser” who released figures that almost nineteen million people enrolled themselves in medical security Supplement plan in year 2017 as compared to thirteen percent who were enrolled during 2004.

Putting it into simple words, we see that insurance company provides  coverage in  health security Supplement plans and these plans take  place of  Original health insurance by keeping it intact in  background.  Health insurance Supplement plan is made up of both medical security Part A and Part B plans. Where Part A scheme provides hospitalization coverage and Part B offers equipment and doctor visits coverage.  Health insurance benefit plans are continuously regulated by federal government and are operated by insurance company who proves them.

You might have heard that a lot of health insurance benefit plans offer additional health insurance Part D which is known as prescription drug coverage scheme. Due to Part D coverage, you will not need to enroll yourself in a clear prescription drug plan for coverage of health insurance costs. Another good thing about these health insurance benefit schemes is that they sometimes also offer additional benefits such as hearing and vision coverage which is not found in Original health insurance.

Retirement benefits, know what a retiree is eligible for

Moving towards retirement may be confusing as you are now concerned about the benefits of health care and how much you have to pay from your pocket. This means you must be aware of the benefits.


Retiree Benefits

You can apply for the benefits of retiree by the month end you wish to retire. In case you are already enrolled prior to your retirement because your spouse is working yet, you can join the health insurance plan of your spouse and get enrolled for the retiree benefits in thirty days time of the retirement of your spouse.

Medicare Supplement plans 2019

In case your employer offers no insurance cover, there are other options such as Medicare Supplement plans 2019.  Information and quotes for these can be found at  This will be available as your spouse retires or as you withdraw from the pension fund.


A retiree is eligible for the benefits, except disability of life-long.

  • As you enroll with the retiree benefits, your benefits package slightly change.
  • If you are working and are 65 years or even older, while your workplace has more than twenty employees working, you may have group medical coverage. But this is the time you must consider changing for essential benefits and apply for Part B Medicare so that the coverage is switched to secondary plan.
  • After retirement means you must get enrolled in plans that provide you the vision and dental benefits, besides you must enjoy benefits from prescription and medical.
  • There are no benefits for long-term disability. These benefits also get terminated with your retirement, on your employment last day.


Social Security provides an application to fill and submit online as retirement application. This is a simple application that can be completed in minimum 15 minutes time. In fact, you can conveniently fill from your office or home comfort at your convenient time as you are going to submit it online. There is no need to wait or visit the local office of the social security or meet some representative. Thus you save the best of your time and money.


In most cases, application once submitted electronically, means the job is done. There will be no other sign up forms coming and usually they do not demand any sort of documentation. The social Security office will process your application and will try to contact you only if there is a need for further information or else, you will receive your retirement benefits.

3 Features of Medicare Advantage Plans you must know

The open enrollment is done once a year from 15 October to 7 December in Medicare. They have the choice to switch to another option from Traditional Medicare to Medicare Advantage.


The Traditional Medicare has the government program who is the insurer, while the Medicare Advantage plans benefits are given by the private companies. The HMOs and PPOs are the plans highly prominent offering the Part A hospital costs and the Part B outpatient treatment costs, while most also give the drug benefits. In the open enrollment period, you can return to Medicare Advantage plan that is different or switch from MA plans to Traditional Medicare.

AARP medicare advantage

5 features of Medicare Advantage Plans


  1. Coverage and Pricing Vary

The traditional Medicare has simple pricing. Regardless of the place you live, there is Part B as standard to pay premium each month and the deductibles are uniform for the doctor and hospital fees. Likewise the co-pays also are rigid.


You can find AARP Medicare Advantage by visiting site, the carriers of insurance compete for patients. However, the Part B premium recipients contribute to this and also pay an additional premium topping it.


As per the place you live, you get access to plans. It is a must to compare the premium amounts, co-pays and deductibles. The website allows comparing different plans and there is a need to enter medications you are using so that calculating the expenses to be spent from the pocket can be estimated.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

As you are considering options for health insurance, do not focus only on the cost factor. Getting reliable helps and quality care matters and this ensures good experience.


The website of Medicare is user-friendly and has a star system rating the insurers. You may select the five star insurers. The website also considers member experiences and how chronic conditions are managed by the plans and how they cover health screenings.


Thus consumers must look for the customer service, treatment and prevention service scores.

  1. Watch Limits prior to choosing doctors

Restricting coverage to medical facilities and doctors or in PPO, the charge is more for providers not in the network. It means health care professionals you are specific about means you must first check if they are in the network system.


This complicates when people live in another state or frequently travel. They find their plan does not cover when they are sick out of town and the charges are more.