How to Pay Less for Medicare Advantage Plans

If you have been searching for the right Medicare advantage plan, you might have already noticed that different plans have different prices. Even one advantage plan can cost different, depending on the health insurance company you get it from. The only thing that remains the same (throughout 47 out of 50 states) is the benefits that are being offered by the advantage plan. The benefits are mandated by law and the health insurance companies have no influence over it.  Some premium rates are higher than the others and, in some cases, you might only get offers for very high premium rates. By now, you´re probably wondering: is there anything you can do to pay less? There is!

1) Enroll during a certain period of time.

The time when you enroll to a Medicare advantage plan makes a big difference. This is something you might not be hearing from your health insurance company. Why that is? Because the health insurance companies prefer you enrolling anytime except during the open enrollment period. During this period, the health insurance company doesn´t have the right to allow you enrollment to a Medicare advantage plan of your choice. No matter what condition you have had or how often you have visited the health care providers in the past, the health insurance company is not allowed to charge you more due to it. This only happens during open enrollment period, which starts on the day of your 65th birthday and ends six months after. After this period, the health insurance companies are allowed to offer you only higher premium rates, due to their prediction that you will also have high costs that will affect them.  Get a 2019 supplement plan at

2) Quit smoking.

If you´re a smoker, you have probably already heard all the benefits that you will get once you stop smoking and how much money you will be able to save, by no longer having to buy cigarettes. Well, Medicare advantage plans will be cheaper too. Health insurance companies usually charge Tobacco users up to 10% more each month!

3) Get a family rate.

Some health insurance companies offer family discounts and you will be able to enroll to a plan at a cheaper price. If one family member enrolls to a certain health insurance company, they may offer low premium rates to get the other family members on this health insurance company too! And a family member doesn´t necessarily have to be a spouse or parent. This rule also includes couples or people who share a household and are both over 18.

4) Move.

A Medicare advantage plan B will offer the same benefits, regardless if you´re in California or Delaware. This is due to the standardization in the 47 states. However, a plan B can cost you more if you´re living in California. Depending from region to region, the price might be higher or lower. The price can even vary between a region within a city. If you live in a rather rich area, the premium rate might be higher as the insurance company assumes you will be able to afford it.